My personal training sessions are fun, intense but most of all effective. Each one hour session is different and my unique style of training includes a mix of battle ropes, TRX suspension training, kettle bells, sleds, kick boxing, sand bags, bosu balls, resistance bands and gliding disks. I'm always keeping my clients on their toes adding new dimensions to their workouts each week but most importantly my training methods get RESULTS!


Team up with friends for additional support, motivation and great value. The price is divided by the number of participants (2 max @ Dwell Gym)


I design a nutrition plan based on your height, weight, body fat%, body composition and your goals etc.

Also includes gym program, home workouts, cardio instructions and weekly check ins and plans are adjusted when needed.


Custom meal plans for fat loss or muscle gain created just for YOU, tailored to the foods you love and designed to support your lifestyle.


My outdoor bootcamp that happens from May to October in downtown Toronto helps clients gain strength and fitness through a variety of intense group intervals over a 1-hour period of time. Up to 15-20 people.