"Dave is an outstanding personal trainer who is approachable, knowledgeable and an excellent motivator. His nutritional knowledge is comprehensive also and he is always open to receiving feedback. Most importantly, he practices what he preaches! He comes highly recommended. Dave is a very professional PT . With his drive and motivation to get you the results you are aiming for i would highly recommend him , because like some gyms in Toronto you're not just another number to him . He not only gives to the consistent push that you need in the gym while working out , he also checks in on you between sessions to make sure you are following your set out fitness goal . With his knowledge of nutrition and the multiple [fun] workouts developed for you Dave can and will get you your results "



"David Maher. Could not reccomend this guy highly enough.!! I realise now that the nutritional side of training is a huge factor and without Daveys expertise in that and the gym program he gave me I would not have progressed on my own.!! Might sound sad but for the 12 weeks I did this I thought of it as you would a car., the better the fuel you put in, the better the return on mileage.!! Proof for me that this works is in my marathon times.!! The last 3months have seen my marathon times improved steadily.,thats not just coincidence.!! Its not easy but it works and Knowing Davey since we were kids and seeing what he has achieved made it that bit easier though.. Check out his FB page davey maher fitness. It is definitly worth an email"


“Dave is an excellent trainer. He is very knowledgeable with both training and nutrition. He makes each session harder and pushes you but also makes each session different and enjoyable. I have been going to Dave for over 9 months now and I have made great improvements. I am also seeing unbelievable results. Dave is very motivated and will do what ever he needs for his clients to reach their goals.
I highly recommend Dave and I really have to say its the best decision I made going to Dave it has changed my bad habits and I now know what to do when I go to the gym! I used to HATE going to gym but with Dave he makes its enjoyable and motivates you keep going and reach your goals!
If you are thinking of making lifestyle change and are 100% committed go with Dave you will have no regrets!”


“Thank you @daveymaher_fitness for designing me an individual diet and workout plan that met my gluten and lactose intolerance needs as well as my fitness goals! 🍴😋💪🏻👏🏻✔
I was like a lot of girls; not eating enough calories and protein, feeling like if I ate more, I would gain weight. I struggled personally with what my macros should be set at, I was using too high of reps in my workouts, and at the end of the day, I felt tired and had low energy. It was really frustrating. After months of training on my own and not seeing the results I wanted, I decided to hire David Maher, the "Professional" to help me get the results I wanted.
As my birthday was approaching and the New Year, I made a goal of getting into the the BEST shape of my life, while also getting a six pack abs! 👉🏻🙆🏼❤
David was there with me coaching me and providing me with supportive, positive feedback as well as constructively tweaking my plan to get the my best results! He kept me focused, and diligently checked in with me every week to keep me on track with the plan. 😍He offered his expert, professional advise and provided me informative feedback to any questions or concerns I had along the way. 👉🏻👍🏻I really had to dig deep and let any previous mindsets I had sabotage me. I allowed myself to put all my trust in Davids professional advice and let the plan fall in to place.
8 weeks later, I accomplished my birthday 🎂and New Years 🎉goal of getting into the BEST shape of my life, and six pack abs! 👉🏻🙆🏼💪🏻😍I feel amazing, confident in anything I put on, and so happy with the way I look. I know going forward what to eat, how to workout, and what supplements to take to continue my fitness success. 😍
I am SO, SO grateful to David Maher for all his amazing and expert advice, dedication, positive support and for truly caring about helping me achieve my goals! 💫🙏🏻✨
I would recommend David to anyone who wants to see amazing results and achieve all their fitness goals! 👉🏻💪🏻”


"Worked out with Dave for just 6 weeks focusing specifically on my glutes. Really enjoyed the different exercises each week, so a lot of variety and new techniques. Never feeling bored or watching the clock.
It was by far the best workouts iv been thought and I continue to do them each week! He was very positive, encouraging and will always push you to your limits.
Great deal which included measurements, eating plan, 1hr training and workout routine for when you train by yourself, all specifically designed for each individual. And he always checked-in on a regular basis for updates, which showed he genuinely wanted to see his clients get results.
Whatever your goal is, i highly recommend daveymaherfitness as a PT. Always a tough workout, but he will push you and his focus will only be on you! I'll be back"

“For ten plus years, I worked out nearly every single day, pounding the treadmill. I had no idea how to lift weights or what I should be lifting. I was pretty good in my eating habits and generally followed a healthy diet. But for all those years, my body stayed the same. I was getting bored with cardio everyday, especially when I saw little change! And bam... I met Dave! And that changed. Now, it wasn't overnight! I have been training with a Dave for close to a year. And what a difference he had made to my body and general attitude towards keeping fit and even my diet! Anyone can feel intimidated walking into a gym and not have a frecking clue what to do with a dumbbell! But Dave brings a very down to earth attitude to each session. He explains and demonstrates each exercise and never made me feel stupid! Quite the opposite, he motivates you to push yourself harder each time. The change in my body composition speaks volumes about Dave's knowledge around weight training. But that's only part of the package. He provided me with diet plans and loads of personal nutritional information suited for me and my lifestyle. I have learned so much from Dave and he's also become a friend. Because he's got that way about him. You spend an hour in the gym working out with him and it's enjoyable. The chats and the many laughs always made the time fly by. I now have a little panic when I think of not working out with Dave.. I may just be a lifetime client! Go with Dave, you won't regret it!”


"Below are actual testimonials of online & personal training clients. Thank you for all your positive feedback, everyone." -Dave